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We understand your story

2. We understand your story

Our Asset allocation and various other tools help you build your ideal portfolio according to your

  • Risk appetite
  • Investment time horizon
  • Liquidity preferences
  • Tax constraints
Products and Services

3. Products and Services

  • Mutual Funds
    • Proprietary Rating Methodology
      • Historical track record of top rated funds
    • Funds Screener
      • MF categories simplified
      • Array of filters
      • Comparisons made easy
      • Download option
    • Fund Overview
      • All relevant data for informed decision making
  • Fixed Deposits
    • Shortlist FDs from over 15 companies using filters from our FD Screener
    • Download a pre-filled application form
Hassle-free investing

4. Hassle-free investing

  • Track the growth of your portfolio whenever you want
  • Maintain your family's investments with just one login ID
  • In-depth analysis of your entire portfolio with insightful charts and graphs

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