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RupeeVest Mutual Fund Screener Highlights

We, at RupeeVest have put in all the efforts to make your journey as a mutual fund investor smoother and rewarding. Huge amount of research has been put in to decide upon the features and data points which the investors need from a fund selection tool helping them zero in on the funds as per their criteria. Here, are the highlights of the prominent features of RupeeVest Fund Screener:

Asset Class Selection Logo

Asset Class Selection

We have classified Mutual Funds into categories which are simple to understand and logical. Our classification of categories reflect the actual portfolio holding, ensuring that funds are comparable within each category. Also, various important fund types like Fund of Funds and ETFs have been assigned separate categories as they resemble different investing styles.

Here, is a complete list of Mutual Fund Categories.

Asset Class Selection
Information Logo

Information as you like

We have chosen the most relevant data points for fund selection as default display columns. However, you can change that as per your preferences by selecting specific data points using the Choose Columns option. Thus, it helps you concentrate only at the data you are interested in for investment decision making.

Choose Column

On the other hand, if you would like to study history as we do, then we have made available the annual, quarterly and monthly historical returns of all your selected funds at a glance.

Historical Return
Filters Logo


An array of filters like RupeeVest Ratings, Fund House, Fund Manager, etc. have been added after thorough research to help you cherry pick your desired funds from the mutual funds universe.


Note: By Default, only open ended funds are selected in the fund screener as they are available for fresh investments but, can be changed any time to include closed ended and interval funds as well.

Point to Point Logo

Point to Point Return

This feature helps you calculate the exact return of your selected funds between any two custom dates as selected by you. Returns greater than 1 year have been annualized.

Point to Point Return
Comparison Logo

Comparisons made easy

Our “Add to compare” option lets you add upto 4 funds and compare them side by side on various key parameters such as Returns, Performance measures, Portfolio attributes, etc.

Mutual Fund Comparison
Fund Overview Logo

Fund Overview

The fund overview page provides all the relevant data of a mutual fund in an easily comprehendible and visually efficient manner for informed decision making. In addition to the above, the investor can also access the fund screener right from within the fund overview page with pre-defined filters mentioned below:

Mutual Fund Overview

Please check out our Mutual Funds Screener.